Schagerl C-Trumpet "BERLIN Z" heavy gold plated

straight trigger for 3rd Slide

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Discover the Schagerl Trumpet "Berlin" - a masterpiece of precision and sound quality, developed in close collaboration with Gábor Tarkövi, the principal trumpeter of the Berlin Philharmonic. This trumpet embodies the perfect balance across all registers, impressing with its easy response and deep, dark sound that makes it distinctive. The uniqueness of this model lies in its heavy-duty mechanism, which allows for exceptional flexibility in sound and intonation. Whether for professional musicians or ambitious amateurs, the Schagerl Trumpet "Berlin" sets new standards in terms of timbre and playability, thus Schagerl remains true to its motto: "In Quality we trust."
Bell5.12" / 130 mm / Goldbrass
Material.0177" / 0.45 mm
Leadpipegoldbrass / sterlingsilver
Specificationstraight trigger for 3rd slide - A&C overblow key
Finishgold plated
Schagerl, a family business with the highest commitment to quality, has always dedicated itself to the manufacture of high-quality instruments. The 1990s marked a turning point when the collaboration with the renowned Professor Hans Gansch began, leading to the development of the exclusive rotary valve trumpet line. After intensive research and testing phases, Schagerl presented the first professional C rotary valve trumpet, the Classic Line model. With Robert Schagerl as the master craftsman and the expertise of Hans Gansch, this instrument was produced in a limited edition until the year 2000. In 2001, on the 40th anniversary of the company, this model experienced significant further development, leading to the birth of the VIENNA model W-2001 . In 2006, this model was updated under the name Vienna with detailed improvements. Another breakthrough in rotary valve trumpet manufacturing occurred in 2010 with the transition of the entire series to a state-of-the-art CNC-manufactured, completely in-house precision valve block. On the occasion of our 60th company anniversary in 2021, the existing Vienna model was completely revised in close cooperation with Matthias Kernstock, the principal trumpeter of the Vienna Symphony, further improving the proven sound concept of Schagerl instruments.
Schagerl remains true to its motto In Quality we trust , setting a standard in the world of professional rotary valve trumpets.

Gabor Tarkövi (Professor at the UdK Berlin)

“The "Berlin" Bb and C trumpets play very easily, have a balanced, wide, brilliant sound coupled with excellent intonation. The heavy models also have an easy response, a slightly wider sound, and convey the ideal playing feel for orchestral musicians.”


Jörge Matthias Becker (Principal Trumpet of the SWR Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart)

“The Berlin Heavy Z C-trumpet is a perfect tool due to its excellent intonation, colorful, full fundamental sound, extremely direct response, and phenomenal projection (especially in large spaces). But it is more than that, because it combines this balance with a richness of colors and agility, so that whenever you pick it up, you naturally begin to express yourself musically. And isn't that what it's all about, the joy of music and sound?”


Lajos Rezmüves (Principal Trumpet of the Philharmonic State Orchestra Mainz)

“I can express my musical ideas on the Schagerl trumpets just the way I want. These wonderful instruments support me acoustically optimally, allowing me to deliver my best performance in any range and dynamics without exerting myself as a player. The ease and acoustic flexibility of these extremely well-balanced trumpets, both in terms of sound and intonation, bring me a lot of joy in playing music and add a special touch to my personal expression in the orchestra. I am simply thrilled!”

Daniel Rikker (Principal Trumpet of the Staatsopera Budapest)

“Playing my Schagerl trumpets daily brings me a lot of joy. I like their resonant sound and especially their ease of playing.”

Andrew Classen (Professor of Trumpet and Jazz Studies at Drake University) 
"I received my Schagerl Heavy Rotary C in the middle of rehearsals for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. I was locked into the horn in the first hour. It has a warm and beautiful sound. Intonation is excellent. It make playing the Germanic repertoire way easier and more fun (let’s face it, V-I gets a bit boring at times). If you want the best rotary trumpet on the market, get a Schagerl." 

Federico Montes (Omaha Symphony Orchestra) 
„My Schagerl Heavy rotary trumpet has everything I ever imagined an incredible rotary trumpet would have. The range and variety of colors available to unlock within it are unimaginable and not to mention its incredible easiness to play and not just to play but to play in tune and fit in with the sound of the orchestra. I have enjoyed playing this horn in various orchestras in North America, not only in concerts but also in auditions since now many orchestras are strongly encouraging or requiring candidates to perform in rotary trumpets. I believe Schagerl has revolutionized the rotary trumpet in the world."

Jonathan Bisulca (National Symphonieorchestra Argentinien)
"It has a remarkable richness of harmonics, a spontaneous and precise response across the entire register and an unparalleled projection for a classical trumpet. The tuning of this instrument is outstanding and it has a wide dynamic range."

Every musical instrument is unique, not only in its construction, but also in the way it is finished, which has a significant influence not only on its appearance, but also on its sound and maintenance. Here we take you through the different finish options we offer and explain what makes each one different.

**Gold plating:**
The gold plating of our instruments not only gives them an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also influences the sound character. An instrument with a gold-plated finish offers a darker, warmer sound, ideal for musicians seeking a deep and rich tone color. In terms of maintenance, gold-plated instruments are quite uncomplicated. They are durable and only require gentle cleaning to maintain their shine.

Silver-plated instruments are known for their radiant, broad sound. This finish is ideal for musicians who prefer a clear presence and wide-ranging sonority. Although silver-plated instruments require more maintenance, they are durable and resistant to the daily demands of music-making.

A lacquered instrument is characterized by a focused, pithy sound. This finish is perfect for those who prefer a clear and direct sound. However, the longevity of a lacquered finish is limited; it can show signs of wear after just one year, with no guarantee of durability. Gentle care is required to prolong its life.

**Vintage (Clear/Matt):**
Vintage instruments also offer a focused, robust sound. These instruments are easy to maintain and are available in two finishes: clear and matte. While the clear version emphasizes traditional elegance, the matte finish offers a more subtle, understated look. Both variants require only gentle care.

Instruments with a raw finish deliver a gritty, open sound that is particularly popular with jazz and blues musicians. Theoretically, these instruments do not require regular maintenance, but verdigris can build up over time, which can deposit on musicians' hands. Although this patina is an added attraction for some, musicians should be prepared to deal with dirty hands.

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