Schagerl Ganschhorn - Innovation meets tradition

The Schagerl Ganschhorn, developed in 2012 in close collaboration with the renowned trumpeter Thomas Gansch, combines the best features of a rotary valve and perinet trumpet. Thomas Gansch wanted an instrument that combines the playing and tonal advantages of both worlds, and is easy to handle at the same time. An outstanding feature of the Ganschhorn is its ergonomics: it is designed so that it can be operated perfectly with one hand. This gives the musician the greatest possible freedom and flexibility on stage.

Innovative design

The curved bell shape of the Ganschhorn makes it possible to project the sound effortlessly over the music stand directly into the audience. This design ensures that every note is clear and precise. The upright rotary valves offer a decisive advantage: they are easier to play than conventional rotary valve trumpets. This unique design enables handling similar to that of a perinet trumpet without losing the characteristic sound of a rotary valve trumpet.

Our FAQ:

Is the Ganschhorn suitable for beginners or rather for experienced trumpeters?
The Ganschhorn is primarily designed for experienced trumpet players and professional musicians. Its special characteristics and high quality make it ideal for those who already have some playing experience and want to improve their performance.
How do I look after my Schagerl Ganschhorn properly to get the best sound quality?
To maintain the best sound quality, the Ganschhorn should be cleaned and oiled regularly. It is important to oil the valves regularly; we recommend lubricating the JM oils and slides regularly, e.g. with Schagerl special slide grease. It is also important to keep the inside and outside of the instrument clean. Professional maintenance by a specialist workshop is also recommended to ensure the longevity and performance of the instrument.
Which accessories are useful?
In addition to care products, proper storage is essential to keep the instrument in top condition and make transportation easier. Here are the options and tips for the ideal storage of your trumpet:
Gig Bags: These bags are ideal for musicians who are often on the road. They are lightweight, soft and comfortable to carry like a backpack. Gig Bags offer flexibility and comfort, but are less protective than hard cases. We recommend the Gard Bags.
Schagerl trekking cases - Combination solution between gig bags and hard cases: There are now also combinations of hard case and backpack straps. These offer both the protection of a hard case and the carrying comfort of a gig bag. They are an excellent choice for musicians who do not want to compromise between protection and comfort.
Do you have any further questions? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Extend the warranty for your Schagerl instrument

If you have not purchased your Schagerl instrument directly from us, you can extend the warranty for up to 5 years. Simply register on our platform within 8 weeks of the purchase date and benefit from the extended warranty. Get additional protection and enjoy carefree music-making with your Schagerl instrument.