Killerqueen / Killerking

A masterpiece of flugelhorn artistry

The "Killer Queen" and "Killer King" flugelhorn models were created in collaboration with the famous musician Thomas Gansch. These extraordinary instruments combine the precision of a rotary valve instrument with the versatility of a perinet flugelhorn, creating a unique symbiosis.
Both flugelhorns are characterized by an even more precise response than conventional flugelhorns. The sound of the instrument is soft, warm and yet penetrating - perfect for soloists and all flugelhorn fans looking for an outstanding sound experience.

Innovative construction

The "Killer Queen" and the "Killer King" set new standards in the world of flugelhorns. Whether on the big stage or in a small ensemble, these instruments will delight every musician and listener alike.

Our FAQ:

Who is the Killer Queen or Killer King suitable for?
Both models are ideal for soloists and all flugelhorn enthusiasts who are looking for an instrument with outstanding sound quality and precise response. They are suitable for large stage performances as well as for smaller ensembles.
What makes the two flugelhorns so special?
The models are characterized by their unique construction. A rotary valve flugelhorn built like a perinet flugelhorn. Together with the curved bell, it combines a more precise response and a carrying sound that reaches the audience.

Extended warranty for your Schagerl instrument

Quality and satisfaction are our top priorities, especially with our instruments. That's why we offer an extended warranty for all instruments purchased. Register your instrument and receive a 3-year warranty. Have your instrument serviced by us annually and the warranty will be extended to a total of 5 years.
It is our promise to you that we stand behind our products and want to make sure that you are satisfied with your Schagerl instrument.