Piston Trumpet

Discover the excellence of Schagerl Perinet trumpets 

We showcase the master craftsmanship that goes into every Schagerl Perinet trumpet. Made in the heart of Austria, our trumpets represent the best in top quality and exceptional precision. Discover the 1961, Roman Empire, James Morrison and Aglaea models - the result of our passion for music and decades of experience in instrument making. 

Model 1961: Collaboration with Prof. Jack Burt 

The Model 1961 was the result of a collaboration with Prof. Jack Burt, a renowned professor of trumpet at the University of Maine. The aim was to create a trumpet that combines the clear and concentrated American style with a high degree of flexibility. The result is an instrument with a brilliant, warm and far-reaching sound. 

Roman Empire: innovation meets tradition 

The Roman Empire was developed in close cooperation with Prof. Roman Rindberger of Mnozil Brass. This trumpet combines tradition and innovation, reflecting the deep musical connection and expertise of both sides and offering a perfect blend of both.

James Morrison: The perfect jazz trumpet 

The James Morrison model was developed in collaboration with the legendary multi-instrumentalist James Morrison. This model is characterized by the best intonation, easy response and a carrying, brilliant sound. Ideal for powerful playing as well as for soft ballads, it is particularly suitable for jazz. 

The experience of Bryan Davis 

Bryan Davis, a renowned trumpeter, describes his experience with the Schagerl trumpet as the "Holy Grail" of trumpets. He emphasizes the instrument's unique ability to produce individual tones, from soft purrs to powerful shrieks. The trumpet offers perfect tone quality, excellent register balance and outstanding response. 

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Experience for yourself the excellence and passion that goes into every Schagerl Perinet trumpet. Find your next instrument that not only impresses with its sound, but also with its history and craftsmanship. Discover the world of Schagerl and be inspired by the quality and aesthetic design of our trumpets.