An all-rounder with a special design

The Schagerl Spyder trumpet is an outstanding instrument that is particularly suitable for soloists and band players. Its unique construction and distinctive sound make it the ideal choice for a variety of musical performances, including trumpet ensembles, chamber music, jazz bands, small groups and recording sessions.

Sound and projection

A key feature of the Spyder is its impressive sound and excellent projection. This trumpet enables musicians to assert themselves clearly and distinctly in various ensembles. The Spyder's tone is warm and consistent throughout, making it particularly attractive for performances and studio recordings.


The intonation of the Spyder is remarkably precise. In all registers, whether high or low, the tone remains stable and accurate. This gives players the confidence that they are always in tune with their fellow musicians and the music.


The Schagerl Spyder trumpet is as unique as the music that is played on it. Every detail of this instrument has been crafted with the utmost care and precision to provide an unparalleled musical experience. Musicians who play the Spyder are not just holding an instrument in their hands, but a piece of art that significantly expands their musical expression.

Our recommendations for storage and transportation

Schagerl Gard Bags: Hybrid Bag

For musicians who value superior protection and durability, Schagerl Gard Bags are the perfect choice. These bags offer outstanding features:

Hybrid design: with an inlaid polymer reinforcement for maximum protection.
Robust material: Made from 1680D fabric material, which is extremely hard-wearing.
High-quality details: Handles and accents made from the best Black Nappa cowhide for added style and durability.
Practical outer pockets: Two separate exterior pockets provide additional storage space for accessories.
Easy loading: Side opening allows for convenient and quick handling.

This combination of protection, durability and style makes the Schagerl Gard Bags the ideal choice for trumpet players who travel a lot and want to transport their instrument safely.

Schagerl trekking cases

For trumpet players looking for a hard-wearing and practical solution, the Schagerl Trekking cases are the perfect recommendation. These cases offer:

Robust outer shell: Durable and resistant to wear and tear.
Additional storage space: An outer pocket with leather insert offers space for accessories.
Comfortable carrying options: Backpack straps for easy and comfortable transportation.
Luxurious interior: The interior of the case is lined with high-quality velvet to protect the instrument from scratches.
Practical accessory compartment: Provides additional storage space for small items.

With their robust construction and practical carrying options, the Schagerl Trekking cases are ideal for trumpet players who travel a lot and want to transport their instrument safely and in style.

Whether you choose the Schagerl Gard Bags or the Schagerl Trekking cases, both offer first-class protection and comfort for your instrument.

Register your instrument and benefit from the following advantages:

3-year warranty: Register your instrument and secure a three-year warranty.
Extended warranty to 5 years: Bring your instrument to us for service every year and we will extend the warranty to a total of five years.

This promise shows that we stand behind our products and want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your Schagerl instrument. Your trust and satisfaction are important to us, which is why we provide the best possible protection and service for your instrument.