The best of both worlds

The Schagerl trumpet Raweni is a masterpiece of the art of sound, specially developed for musicians who appreciate the warm sound of a flugelhorn and the versatility of a trumpet. Its sound is extremely warm and almost flugelhorn-like, which makes it particularly attractive for jazz musicians. At the same time, it is ideal for use in a big band, making it an ideal instrument for a wide variety of musical styles.

Visually an eye-catcher

The Raweni is reminiscent of a cornet, but it is definitely a trumpet. The design was created at the request of the famous musician James Morrison, who wanted to combine the advantages of a rotary valve instrument with those of a perinet trumpet. The result is a trumpet that sounds particularly precise, especially in the upper register.

Unique design

A characteristic feature of the Raweni is the design of its leadpipe. While the leadpipe of a typical rotary valve trumpet is very short and leads directly from the mouthpiece to the first valve, the leadpipe of a perinet trumpet is almost four times as long. This longer leadpipe design significantly affects the sound and feel, especially the performance in the upper register. The Raweni was designed to be a rotary valve trumpet with a long leadpipe, which makes it unique. It offers the precise response and clear sound of a perinet trumpet, combined with the traditional construction of a rotary valve trumpet. The Raweni thus combines the best of both worlds.

Our FAQ:

For which musical styles is the Schagerl trumpet Raweni best suited?
The Raweni trumpet is versatile and is ideal for a variety of musical styles, including classical music, jazz and contemporary pieces. Its flexibility and purity of sound make it a preferred choice for professional musicians in a variety of genres.
Is the Schagerl trumpet Raweni suitable for beginners?
The Raweni trumpet is primarily designed for advanced players and professional musicians. Beginners can benefit from the high quality and excellent sound, but should have some basic knowledge and playing experience to fully exploit the potential of the instrument.
How do I look after my Schagerl trumpet Raweni properly?
The valves should be oiled and the slides lubricated regularly. It is also recommended to have the instrument serviced annually by a specialist to ensure optimum performance.
What would be the right storage for transportation?
Gig bags are perfect for musicians who travel a lot. These bags are lightweight, soft and comfortable to carry like a backpack. Gig bags offer great flexibility and comfort, but less protection than hard cases. For maximum comfort, we recommend the Gard Bags.
Schagerl trekking cases - The perfect combination of gig bags and hard cases: Modern solutions now offer a combination of a hard case and practical rucksack straps. These cases combine the protection of a hard case with the carrying comfort of a gig bag. Ideal for musicians who don't want to compromise on protection or comfort. 

Register and extend your warranty! 

Quality and satisfaction are important to us, especially with our instruments. That's why we offer an extended warranty for all Schagerl instruments purchased. Register your instrument and receive a 3-year warranty. Bring your instrument to us for service every year and we will extend the warranty to a total of 5 years.
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