Discover the Schagerl piccolo trumpet 

The piccolo trumpet belongs to the trumpet family and is a high-pitched, shorter version of the classical trumpet. With its four valves, it enables a larger range and more precise intonation. 

Why the Schagerl piccolo trumpet? 

The Schagerl piccolo trumpet is a masterpiece that musicians hardly want to put down. Its well-balanced intonation and excellent locking tones make it an indispensable instrument. The integrated triggers optimize tuning in different playing situations. With its clear, direct response and pleasant blowing feel, the Schagerl piccolo trumpet impresses across the board. The instrument also sits perfectly in the hand and offers the player a high degree of intonation security. 

Advantages at a glance: 

Outstanding intonation: balanced and precise
Perfect tuning: thanks to integrated triggers
Pleasant playing feel: Clear, direct and comfortable
Ergonomic design: Fits perfectly in the hand 
Conclusion: Discover the Schagerl piccolo trumpet - the ideal instrument for discerning musicians who value quality and precision. With its outstanding playability and first-class sound, the Schagerl piccolo trumpet will quickly become your new favorite instrument. Test it now and experience the difference!