Excellence and innovation at Schagerl: Masterful trombones for the highest demands 

At Schagerl, we combine excellence and innovation to create masterful trombones that meet the highest musical demands. Our instruments are created in close collaboration with world-renowned musicians such as Otmar Gaiswinkler from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, which is reflected in the quality and sound of our trombones. 

Aurora series: Unique smoothness and exceptional sound 

Our Aurora series impresses with its unique smoothness and exceptional sound. Thanks to innovative adaptations, these instruments set new standards in the world of trombones. 

Kissbone X: Highest demands fulfilled 

Inspired by Zoltan Kiss of Mnozil Brass, the Kissbone X meets the highest demands. With features such as the X-valve for an even air flow and a gold brass bell that delivers a dark, carrying sound, the Kissbone X is an indispensable instrument for discerning musicians. 

Superbone model: Extended range and easy to play 

The Superbone model, designed together with the legendary James Morrison, impresses with its extended range and simple playing style. This instrument allows musicians to explore new tonal horizons. 

Variety and innovation 

In addition to these outstanding models, we offer a variety of other instruments such as the Opus F, Fontana and Rizzotto. These instruments confirm our reputation as a leading manufacturer of innovative wind instruments. 

Recognition and awards 

Our innovative strength was recognized in 2012 with the Karl Ritter von Ghega Innovation Award. We are proud that our instruments are appreciated worldwide in renowned orchestras, by soloists and in educational institutions. Discover the world of Schagerl trombones and experience excellence and innovation in every note.