Rotary Fluegelhorn

Schagerl rotary valve flugelhorns: tradition and quality since 1961 

Our company was founded in 1961 and we started building wind instruments. As early as 1963, we began to build trumpets and flugelhorns in small series. At the beginning of the 90s we developed the first flugelhorns. The renowned trumpeter Hans Gansch tested our models and was immediately impressed. He recommended it to his father, Hans Gansch senior, who was looking for a good flugelhorn for his youngest son Thomas Gansch. 
For the 60th anniversary of the company, the "Hans Gansch Flugelhorn" was developed together. This and all Schagerl flugelhorns impress with their excellent intonation and a warm, round and lively sound. The precision valve stem, specially developed by Schagerl, ensures an easy response and outstanding flexibility. 
The Schagerl flugelhorns are equipped for all musical applications. From brass bands and folk music ensembles to symphonic wind music and classical ensembles, the instruments can be used without restriction. 
Our instruments are crafted according to the latest findings using traditional methods and state-of-the-art tools. With the utmost accuracy and precision, each instrument is subjected to strict quality control before it leaves our master workshop. 
With this concept, Schagerl remains true to its guiding principle: "In Quality we trust!

Register and extend the warranty

Register a Schagerl instrument and receive a 3-year warranty. Extend to 5 years and bring your instrument to us for service every year. 
It is our promise that we stand behind our instruments. 
This is how you benefit from the extended warranty:
Register your instrument on our homepage within 8 weeks of the purchase date.