Piston Flugelhorn

Our flugelhorn models 

The "James Morrison" flugelhorn is the result of an inspiring collaboration with the legendary multi-instrumentalist James Morrison. It impresses with the best intonation, easy response and a carrying, brilliant sound. The large bell and the special leadpipe ensure a full, centered sound, especially in the high register. 
The "Dione" flugelhorn offers a soft, centered sound that is popular with jazz soloists and classical orchestral musicians alike. The brass bell produces a clear, overtone-rich sound and enables an effortless playing feel. 
The "Aglaea" flugelhorn is a versatile instrument that is recognized in both the jazz and classical music scenes. Its dark sound is ideal for jazz ballads and orchestral works of the 20th/21st century. The sterling silver leadpipe ensures a perfect response and avoids any hint of "musty" sound.
Each of these models represents a unique blend of tradition, innovation and musical excellence.
We invite you to discover the special world of Schagerl flugelhorns and find the instrument that best expresses your musical voice.