The special sound makes this trumpet unique. 

Perfect balance in the whole range, easy blowing and the dark sound is a destinctive feature of this line.

The „Berlin“ Model was developed in close cooperation with Gábor Tarkövi (Solo Trumpet of the Berliner Philharmoniker).


Model zylindrical

  • Tune: C
  • Bell: 130 mm / 0,45 mm / Goldbrass
  • Valve Section: L / heavy
  • Leadpipe: Goldbrass / Sterlingsilver

Model conical

  • Tune: C
  • Bell: 130 mm / 0,45 mm / Goldbrass
  • Valve Section: ML / heavy
  • Leadpipe: Yellowbrass



Juan Fernando Avendano – International soloist and currently principal trumpet of the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia

My new Schagerl Berlin Heavy Z is amazing. I have more than 10 years playing his rotary trumpets and I am really comfortable and excited about the newest model. The intonation, focus of the sound and ease, lets me play with fluency in the orchestra. Thanks for making so outstanding instruments

Andon Markov – International soloist

From the first moment I saw the Schagerl Berlin Heavy C trumpet I was attracted by the exceptional look the trumpet have.
With the first note I played on the Schagerl I was instantly amazed from the unreal great response of the trumpet. Magnificent,
crisp round sound in all ranges. For a trumpet player with more than 30 trumpets in my collection I can say for sure, this is the
greatest trumpet I have ever played. For me as a principal trumpet player the most important ability one instrument should
have is to be able to do the job on a high level in any circumstances. With Schagerl Berlin Heavy C trumpet I always feel
confident in my playing and performance. Definitely this trumpet have the quality I can trust always without any doubts! Thank
you so much Schagerl Music GmbH for the amazing instrument and for the opportunity to develop my skills farther every day!

Scott Moore – Principal Trumpet in the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and the leader of the MSO Big Band

My Schagerl Berlin-heavy C trumpet is everything I have always dreamed of in an instrument. The response is immediate, the intonation is impeccable, and the range of tonal colors is only limited by my imagination. It has such a rich, warm, and resonant sound, yet still allows me to play with brilliance and power.

I am convinced that Schagerl is making the best instruments in the world today. And as an added bonus, they are beautiful to look at!

Dr. Federico Montes – Associate Principal Trumpet Omaha Symphony


“My Berlin Heavy Z rotary trumpet has everything I ever imagined an incredible rotary trumpet would have. The range and variety of colors available to unlock within it are unimaginable and not to mention its incredible easiness to play and not just to play but to play in tune and fit in with the sound of the orchestra. I have enjoyed playing this horn in various orchestras in North America, not only in concerts but also in auditions since now many orchestras are strongly encouraging or requiring candidates to perform in rotary trumpets. I believe Schagerl has revolutionized the rotary trumpet in the world. “

Kevin Karabell Principal Trumpet Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra


My Schagerl Berlin heavy C trumpet allows me to express myself without any limitations. Regardless of the color, articulation, dynamic, or range I choose to present, this instrument truly allows me to communicate freely. Master craftsmanship allows for an immediate response and beautifully resonant sound.