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A small music store with a repair shop grows into one of the world’s most well-known instrument manufacturers. Powered by an irrepressible passion for music and a belief in uncompromising quality, Musikhaus Schagerl, in Lower-Austria, in Hörsdorf bei Mank, in the district of Melk, has maintained the same company motto for three generations: “In Quality We Trust!”
For more than half a century, and now in it*s second generation, the Schagerl has grown it’s beginnings as a local music retailer with a repair workshop, into one of the world's most famous instrument manufacturers.
Academica Schagerl Instruments:
It is important for young musicians to start with a good instrument. This series, which supports and shepherds them, and promote their joy of playing. Schagerl offers a model for each level: for beginners, as well as instruments that can accompany the intermediate musician for many years.
The new Schagerl Academica Instruments set new standards: Best quality in construction and response – they create a great feeling from the first tone!
Our Signature Instruments were designed with the help of some our great artist. Excellent intonation, easy response and brilliant sound characterize the unique quality of our instruments. Lacquered or silvered: these instruments would serve in the hands of professionals as well!
With our new Schagerl Intercontinental series you get to know the international brass world in a personal way. In collaboration with renowned musicians worldwide, we have developed instruments with the specific sound of a country or a city. Sonority comes alive!

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