Schagerl Academica Bb-Trumpet TR-620L

Schagerl trekking backpack case

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The Schagerl Academica Trumpet TR-620L represents the ideal entry into the world of music. Equipped with a gold brass bell and gold brass leadpipe, this instrument offers an exceptionally beautiful and rounded sound. Its outstanding intonation and easy response make it the perfect partner for aspiring musicians. The TR-620L is convincing not only in terms of sound but also through its elegant design and high-quality craftsmanship. This trumpet is not just an instrument, but a real eye-catcher that brings design and functionality together.

With the Schagerl Academica Trumpet, you get not just an instrument, but a complete package. The extensive accessories ensure that you have everything you need from the start.
Bell5" / 127mm / Gold brass
Bore0.459" / 11.68mm
LeadpipeGold brass
Inner SlidesYellow brass
Outer SlidesNickel silver
AccessoriesSchagerl trekking backpack case, Schagerl Academica mouthpiece 3C, 5C, or 7C, Schagerl valve oil & s
Discover the Schagerl ACADEMICA Instruments: The perfect companion for young musicians.
Offering a range from beginner models to advanced instruments, Schagerl provides the right tool for every stage of musical development. The ACADEMICA series stands out for its highest quality craftsmanship and a playing experience that instantly captivates. Ideal for the first musical steps: The Schagerl Academica Instruments impress with easy response, excellent craftsmanship, and a comprehensive accessory package, enabling an optimal entry into music.

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