Schagerl Academica Bb-Trumpet TR-421L

Schagerl trekking backpack case

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Begin your musical journey with the Schagerl Academica Trumpet TR-421L, specially designed for aspiring trumpeters. This trumpet is known for its easy response and first-class workmanship, offering the perfect instrument for beginners and advanced musicians alike.
With the Schagerl Academica Trumpet TR-421L, you receive not just an instrument, but a complete package that makes your entry into trumpet playing easier. The extensive accessories ensure that you have everything you need from the start.
Bell4.84" / 123mm / Yellow brass
Bore0.459" / 11.68mm
LeadpipeGold brass
Inner SlidesYellow brass
Outer SlidesNickel silver
AccessoriesSchagerl trekking backpack case, Schagerl Academica mouthpiece 3C, 5C, or 7C, Schagerl valve oil & s
Discover the Schagerl ACADEMICA Instruments: The perfect companion for young musicians.
Offering a range from beginner models to advanced instruments, Schagerl provides the right tool for every stage of musical development. The ACADEMICA series stands out for its highest quality craftsmanship and a playing experience that instantly captivates. Ideal for the first musical steps: The Schagerl Academica Instruments impress with easy response, excellent craftsmanship, and a comprehensive accessory package, enabling an optimal entry into music.

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