Yamaha Bb/C-Kids Trombone YSL-350C lacquered

with case

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incl. Accessories-Pack:
• Case
• Mouthpiece
• Oil & Grease

Many students are fascinated by the trombone. It has a strong and pleasing tone which can slide smoothly from note to note, and it s visually exciting--it looks fun! But unlike most other instruments, most trombones cannot be played by small students. Modern trombones were designed for adults, and many would-be beginners just can t stretch their arms far enough to play all the slide positions. That s why we created the Yamaha 350C. This is a full-sized trombone, using the traditional slide positions, but it s much shorter in length. With its ascending valve, you can play a full scale without using the two farthest positions!
BellGold brass, 8"
Inner SlidesNickel silver
Outer SlidesYellow brass
Finishgold varnish
Seriesstandard series

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