Schagerl Bb-Trumpet "GANSCHHORN" 2021 gold plated

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The Ganschhorn was created in 2012 from Thomas Gansch s desire to combine the playful and tonal advantages of a rotary valve with the simpler handling of a piston trumpet. For Thomas, it was important that the trumpet could be perfectly operated with one hand, allowing him maximum freedom during daily use on stages around the world. The upturned bell shape further facilitates projecting the sound directly to the audience over the music stand. On the occasion of our 60th company anniversary in 2021, our two Ganschhorn models (a standard weight and a heavyweight) underwent a thorough update. For example, minor improvements were made to the leadpipes, which are now soldered in place on all horns. This resulted in even more stable intonation and more precise/direct response in all registers. Our instruments are manufactured with the utmost accuracy and precision, combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest findings and state-of-the-art tools. Each instrument undergoes strict quality control before leaving our master workshop. With this concept, Schagerl remains true to its guiding principle: In Quality we trust!
Bell5.12" / 130 mm / Goldbrass
Material.0177" / 0.45 mm
Finishgold plated
Schagerl, a family business with the highest commitment to quality, has always dedicated itself to the manufacture of high-quality instruments. The 1990s marked a turning point when the collaboration with the renowned Professor Hans Gansch began, leading to the development of the exclusive rotary valve trumpet line. After intensive research and testing phases, Schagerl presented the first professional C rotary valve trumpet, the Classic Line model. With Robert Schagerl as the master craftsman and the expertise of Hans Gansch, this instrument was produced in a limited edition until the year 2000. In 2001, on the 40th anniversary of the company, this model experienced significant further development, leading to the birth of the VIENNA model W-2001 . In 2006, this model was updated under the name Vienna with detailed improvements. Another breakthrough in rotary valve trumpet manufacturing occurred in 2010 with the transition of the entire series to a state-of-the-art CNC-manufactured, completely in-house precision valve block. On the occasion of our 60th company anniversary in 2021, the existing Vienna model was completely revised in close cooperation with Matthias Kernstock, the principal trumpeter of the Vienna Symphony, further improving the proven sound concept of Schagerl instruments.
Schagerl remains true to its motto In Quality we trust , setting a standard in the world of professional rotary valve trumpets.

Thomas Gansch (Professor- Jam Music Lab, Mnozil Brass and many more)

“The Ganschhorn, which was developed in the Schagerl Master Workshop together with me, is the ideal instrument for all 'all-rounders'. I can use it for all music genres, whether I'm playing in the Big Band, in the Symphony Orchestra, with the Chamber Orchestra, in the studio, or with the Brass Band. The special shape of the Ganschhorn is a great advantage when you are on stage, playing, and entertaining. The short pathways of the rotary valve machines bring even more advantages, resulting in a pleasant Perinet handling and making the Ganschhorn easier to play - an excellent instrument of the highest quality standard.”

Every musical instrument is unique, not only in its construction, but also in the way it is finished, which has a significant influence not only on its appearance, but also on its sound and maintenance. Here we take you through the different finish options we offer and explain what makes each one different.

**Gold plating:**
The gold plating of our instruments not only gives them an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also influences the sound character. An instrument with a gold-plated finish offers a darker, warmer sound, ideal for musicians seeking a deep and rich tone color. In terms of maintenance, gold-plated instruments are quite uncomplicated. They are durable and only require gentle cleaning to maintain their shine.

Silver-plated instruments are known for their radiant, broad sound. This finish is ideal for musicians who prefer a clear presence and wide-ranging sonority. Although silver-plated instruments require more maintenance, they are durable and resistant to the daily demands of music-making.

A lacquered instrument is characterized by a focused, pithy sound. This finish is perfect for those who prefer a clear and direct sound. However, the longevity of a lacquered finish is limited; it can show signs of wear after just one year, with no guarantee of durability. Gentle care is required to prolong its life.

**Vintage (Clear/Matt):**
Vintage instruments also offer a focused, robust sound. These instruments are easy to maintain and are available in two finishes: clear and matte. While the clear version emphasizes traditional elegance, the matte finish offers a more subtle, understated look. Both variants require only gentle care.

Instruments with a raw finish deliver a gritty, open sound that is particularly popular with jazz and blues musicians. Theoretically, these instruments do not require regular maintenance, but verdigris can build up over time, which can deposit on musicians' hands. Although this patina is an added attraction for some, musicians should be prepared to deal with dirty hands.

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