Born on April 13th 1953 in Kirnberg/Mank in Lower Austria, Hans Gansch got his first music lessons from his father, who was an enthusiastic amateur musician and band master of the local brass band. (recorder and  drum) At the age of 11 he started with his trumpet studies by his father, who musically took care of him until the age of 19. During his Military Service  at the Military Music Upper Austria he started his studies at the Bruckner conservatory in Linz with Professor Franz Veigl.

His most important Orchestra-Engagements were:

  • 1974-1976  first trumpeter at Bruckner Orchestra Linz
  • 1976-1982  first trumpeter in the  ORF-Symphony Orchestra
  • 1982-1996  first trumpeter in the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonics

Since 1996 he gave trumpet lessons at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg

1995 he was awarded for “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik” for the recording of the CD “Trumpet Concerts”. In chamber music he worked with the ensembles “Austrian Brass Connection”, “Pro Brass”, Art Brass Brass “,” Kontrapunkte “, German Brass” …

He has played numerous solo concerts and has given many masterclasses at home and abroad. There are numerous recordings document of his musical versatility.

In quiet hours, he composes for us and prepares his own projects.


This trumpet is powerful; it packs a punch, but is also flexible and lyrical. I love the feel one gets playing it. It’s a trumpet for strong, mature players and is intended for professional players, or those who want to become one.
If you find the tone darker than your taste, you can choose to equip the horn with a more conventionally sized bell (132 mm). I play the larger bell (137mm) because I prefer a horn with a well-defined


  • Schagerl B-Trumpet Model “HANS GANSCH” Heavy
  • Schagerl B-Cornet “Hans Gansch”
  • Schagerl Bb-Flügelhorn “Hans Gansch”
  • Austria