Schagerl Signature Bb-Trumpet "Timmy Trumpet"

with Case and accessories

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Mitarbeiterfoto Karl Essletzbichler
Karl Essletzbichler
Head of Sales

„I have been playing trumpet since I was old enough to hold the thing. My father taught me, and his father, him. After 20 years playing this beautiful instrument things were getting serious. So one day I sat in the largest music store I could find and had the sales clerk bring me every trumpet they had. I tested every make and every model, not wanting to know the label or manufacturer. This is the trumpet I chose - Schagerl Modell T-2000 - and I have been playing it every day since for over a decade.

Some things have changed. Schagerl have added my signature logo, and together we custom designed a new colorway that compliments the modern stage. This is an instrument that was never meant to blend in and settle amongst its backdrop. Its superb warmth cuts, carves and chisels its mark in any arrangement just like the people who dare to play it.

This trumpet has taken me places I never could never possibly dream. And now I pass it on to you my friend. Let it take you where you dare to go and share this thing we are so blessed to call music! Peace, love and rock n roll. - Timmy Trumpet
Bell5" / Gold brass
Bore0.459" / 11.68mm
LeadpipeGold brass
Inner SlidesYellowbrass
Outer SlidesNickelsilver
FinishBlack lacquered with gold plated parts
AccessoriesSchagerl Trekking case, mouthpiece , valve oil & slide grease, polishing cloth
The Schagerl SIGNATURE instruments are endorsed by none other than our Artists, offering outstanding quality. They are characterized by the best intonation, easy response, and a brilliant sound, making them unique musical instruments. Available in various finishes, these instruments are an excellent choice for every musician!

Every musical instrument is unique, not only in its construction, but also in the way it is finished, which has a significant influence not only on its appearance, but also on its sound and maintenance. Here we take you through the different finish options we offer and explain what makes each one different.

**Gold plating:**
The gold plating of our instruments not only gives them an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also influences the sound character. An instrument with a gold-plated finish offers a darker, warmer sound, ideal for musicians seeking a deep and rich tone color. In terms of maintenance, gold-plated instruments are quite uncomplicated. They are durable and only require gentle cleaning to maintain their shine.

Silver-plated instruments are known for their radiant, broad sound. This finish is ideal for musicians who prefer a clear presence and wide-ranging sonority. Although silver-plated instruments require more maintenance, they are durable and resistant to the daily demands of music-making.

A lacquered instrument is characterized by a focused, pithy sound. This finish is perfect for those who prefer a clear and direct sound. However, the longevity of a lacquered finish is limited; it can show signs of wear after just one year, with no guarantee of durability. Gentle care is required to prolong its life.

**Vintage (Clear/Matt):**
Vintage instruments also offer a focused, robust sound. These instruments are easy to maintain and are available in two finishes: clear and matte. While the clear version emphasizes traditional elegance, the matte finish offers a more subtle, understated look. Both variants require only gentle care.

Instruments with a raw finish deliver a gritty, open sound that is particularly popular with jazz and blues musicians. Theoretically, these instruments do not require regular maintenance, but verdigris can build up over time, which can deposit on musicians' hands. Although this patina is an added attraction for some, musicians should be prepared to deal with dirty hands.

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