Schagerl-Austria Trumpet mouthpiece G3 silver plated

All-rounder for orchestra and brass bands.

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Mitarbeiterfoto Karl Essletzbichler
Karl Essletzbichler
Head of Sales
Mitarbeiterfoto Lucia Bauer
Lucia Bauer
Sales / Brass

All-rounder for orchestra and brass bands.
Is ideal for jazz and light music and is often used in brass bands, for the high register and for students!
Cup diameter.657" / 16.7 mm
Cup Depthmedium
Bore.145" / 3.7 mm
Finishsilver plated
Schagerl Music GmbH combines traditional craftsmanship with modern online trading. Our family business, founded in 1961, has developed into a world-renowned manufacturer of brass and percussion instruments under the management of Karl Schagerl in the second generation.

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