Boston Sax Shop Custom Black Label Alto Reeds #2,5


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Mitarbeiterfoto Klaudia Gastecker
Klaudia Gastecker
Sales / Woodwind
Mitarbeiterfoto Christian Salzer
Christian Salzer
Sales / Woodwind

Designing the Boston Sax Shop reed line has been a dream of mine, stemmed from the frustration that many of us as players have searching for that ‘perfect’ reed. For years I personally struggled to find a well balanced reed that would promote a warm, homogenous tone while still allowing me to project. Most ‘jazz’ cut reeds seemed to play too ‘bright’ and ‘buzzy’ but offered the projection I needed while ‘classical’ reeds had the depth and evenness I was searching for but simply could not cut across a band. So with the help of the finest French cane manufacturer in the world, I designed a ‘hybrid’ jazz reed that had qualities of both cuts, creating a reed that did exactly what I asked; providing a warm and dark tone while still being able to be pushed.

I certainly hope you give them a try and enjoy them as much as I do!
  • Jack Finucane (Owner and Repair Technician)
  • As saxophonists, we know that it s the little things that matter. The details that go unnoticed by almost everyone else. Perhaps it s that extra touch of style or a thoughtful improvement in the quality of a single part that is only noticeable to you, but that s what distinguishes a good product from a great one. At Boston Sax Shop, we value these details and strive to solve issues with every design. We rely on feedback from the world s best artists and are proud to have many of them as brand ambassadors. For us, it s about the joy of creating things that we have always wanted to see available on the market, and quality as our highest ideal. We aim to inspire you with our products and prove as an independent brand that we produce the most innovative saxophone accessories on the planet. -Jack Tyler [Owner/Designer]

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