Agner Signature Drum Sticks "Walter Grassmann - Jazz Art"

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Mitarbeiterfoto Christian Salzer
Christian Salzer
Sales / Woodwind

• Walter Grassmann Singature Series
• Material; Hard Maple
• thin and long Stick Head
In the 1980s, Swiss aircraft engineer Paul J. Agner founded his own company, initially focusing on the production of wooden parts. Later, in 1987, he started collaborating with several wholesalers to produce drumsticks, which became the main focus of his activities. This marked a significant milestone, associated with a product presentation at the Hotel Postillon in Buochs. The event also featured the first supporters, including renowned musicians like Jojo Mayer. Over the years, the Agner family grew and gained musical talent, emphasizing the importance of relationships with customers and supporters. In 2022, Paul J. Agner handed over the company to the experienced entrepreneurial duo Markus Schwaiger and Christoph Gassner, who are leading AGNER DRUMSTICKS into a new future. Paul J. Agner continues to be actively involved in the company, overseeing the production process to ensure the well-known quality standard of AGNER DRUMSTICKS

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