Aaron Drake Alto Sax Mouthpiece "BeBop Classic" 7 (.081")

incl. Double Rail Ligature

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• Only for Alto Saxophone
• Tip-Opening: 7 (.081")
• Incl. Double Rail Ring Ligature & Cap

This mouthpiece design embodies the acoustic design characteristics of the bebop era. Charlie Parker and Sonny Stitt immediately come to mind when you play the Bebop Classic. Features include a rollover baffle, flat internal side walls, an elongated window and a medium chamber. The attack is immediate and crisp, and the core sound is direct and full. Each mouthpiece is hand crafted by Aaron Drake from our innovative Vintage Resin material and includes our double rail ligature, cap, mouthpiece bag and carrying case.
Drake Mouthpieces LLC is a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of high-quality saxophone mouthpieces. All products by Drake are made in the USA and are globally recognized for their quality, craftsmanship, and performance. The innovative design and unique materials make each Drake mouthpiece stand out.
Aaron Drake was one of the first to integrate ceramics and other materials into woodwind mouthpieces to enhance their acoustic properties. Drake mouthpieces are known for their immediate response, excellent intonation, deep tonal character, and good projection.

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