Striving for the best possible quality always has the highest priority at Schagerl.

In the mid 1990’s, as we began developing our rotary valve trumpet line, an extremely fruitful and intensive collaboration began between Schagerl and Prof. HANS GANSCH. After years of intensive testing and research, our first professional C rotary valve trumpet was finally presented.  It was the “CLASSIC LINE” model, built in small numbers by master craftsman Robert Schagerl, until 2000.

On the occasion of our 40th company anniversary in 2001, this model was revised and further developed by Robert, again with the great support and expertise of Hans Gansch. This was birth of our first “WIEN” model, also known as “W-2001”. In 2006, there was an update with further improvements, and the model was renamed “VIENNA”.

In 2010, we converted all of our rotary instruments to the new Schagerl precision valve block, manufactured entirely in-house, using the latest CNC technology. This WIEN C trumpet with our own valve system was a further milestone in professional rotary valve trumpet making, and the result of many years of experience and cooperation with the best orchestral trumpeters.

Most recently, on the occasion of our 60th company anniversary in 2021, and in close cooperation with MATTHIAS KERNSTOCK (solo trumpeter of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra), the existing “VIENNA” model has been once again completely revised, and the famous sound concept of Schagerl instruments was improved even further.


  • Tune: C
  • Bell: 130 / 0,45 / Goldbrass
  • Valve Section: ML
  • Leadpipe: Yellowbrass

Model heavy

  • Tune: C
  • Bell: 130 / 0,45 / Goldbrass
  • Valve Section: L heavy
  • Leadpipe: Goldbrass / Sterlingsilver



Jim Wilt – Associate Principal Trumpet the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Through the course of my professional career, which spans about 41 years now, I have had the opportunity to play and own a multitude of rotary valve trumpets. In my quest for the “perfect” instrument, each one has represented an improvement over the previous, in terms of sound quality, intonation and playability. I can say without hesitation that my new Schagerl Wien Heavy C trumpet is the best German trumpet I have played to date. It is incredibly responsive and takes very little effort to project. The intonation is about as good as it gets on a trumpet, rotary or otherwise. I have used it on several occasions already in the orchestra and have been very pleased with the results. Passages that have felt clumsy and prone to intonation problems are greatly improved. It is a joy to play, and this is not hyperbole. Thank you for building such a great instrument.

Kevin Karabell  Principal Trumpet – Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra 

My Schagerl heavy C trumpet allows me to express myself without any limitations. Regardless of the color, articulation, dynamic, or range I choose to present, this instrument truly allows me to communicate freely. Master craftsmanship allows for an immediate response and beautifully resonant sound.

Dr. Federico Montes – Associate Principal Trumpet Omaha Symphony 

“My Schagerl Heavy Z rotary trumpet has everything I ever imagined an incredible rotary trumpet would have. The range and variety of colors available to unlock within it are unimaginable and not to mention its incredible easiness to play and not just to play but to play in tune and fit in with the sound of the orchestra. I have enjoyed playing this horn in various orchestras in North America, not only in concerts but also in auditions since now many orchestras are strongly encouraging or requiring candidates to perform in rotary trumpets. I believe Schagerl has revolutionized the rotary trumpet in the world. “

My Schagerl WIEN-HEAVY C trumpet is everything I have always dreamed of in an instrument. The response is immediate, the intonation is impeccable, and the range of tonal colors is only limited by my imagination. It has such a rich, warm, and resonant sound, yet still allows me to play with brilliance and power.

I am convinced that Schagerl is making the best instruments in the world today. And as an added bonus, they are beautiful to look at!

I received my Schagerl Heavy Rotary C in the middle of rehearsals for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. I was locked into the horn in the first hour. It has a warm and beautiful sound. Intonation is excellent. It make playing the Germanic repertoire way easier and more fun (let’s face it, V-I gets a bit boring at times). If you want the best rotary trumpet on the market, get a Schagerl.