Striving for the best possible quality always has the highest priority at Schagerl.

In the mid 1990’s, as we began developing our rotary valve trumpet line, an extremely fruitful and intensive collaboration began between Schagerl and Prof. HANS GANSCH. After years of intensive testing and research, our first professional C rotary valve trumpet was finally presented.  It was the “CLASSIC LINE” model, built in small numbers by master craftsman Robert Schagerl, until 2000.

On the occasion of our 40th company anniversary in 2001, this model was revised and further developed by Robert, again with the great support and expertise of Hans Gansch. This was birth of our first “WIEN” model, also known as “W-2001”. In 2006, there was an update with further improvements, and the model was renamed “VIENNA”.

In 2010, we converted all of our rotary instruments to the new Schagerl precision valve block, manufactured entirely in-house, using the latest CNC technology. This WIEN C trumpet with our own valve system was a further milestone in professional rotary valve trumpet making, and the result of many years of experience and cooperation with the best orchestral trumpeters.

Most recently, on the occasion of our 60th company anniversary in 2021, and in close cooperation with MATTHIAS KERNSTOCK (solo trumpeter of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra), the existing “VIENNA” model has been once again completely revised, and the famous sound concept of Schagerl instruments was improved even further.


  • Tune: C
  • Bell: 130 / 0,45 / Goldbrass
  • Valve Section: ML
  • Leadpipe: Yellowbrass