A small music store with a repair shop grows into one of the world’s most well-known instrument manufacturers. Powered by an irrepressible passion for music and a belief in uncompromising quality, Musikhaus Schagerl, in Lower-Austria, in Hörsdorf bei Mank, in the district of Melk, has maintained the same company motto for three generations: “In Quality We Trust!” Instruments, built entirely “in-house”, and prepared by Master Craftsmen, inspire orchestral musician throughout the world with their exceptional sound quality and workmanship. Seven hundred instruments leave the Schagerl workshop each year, and approximately 90% become global Austrian Export merchandise.

James Morrison: „Mank is the center of the trumpet making world!“

Schagerl Music GmbH
Hörsdorf 7 | 3240 Mank | Austria

Tel.: +43 (0)2755 2302 -0
Website: www.schagerl.com



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