Robert Rother was also born in Melk. At young age both, Thomas and Robert, learned to play, under strict direction of Thomas father, polkas, waltzes and marches in the Brass Band, which formed the musical background of Mnozil Brass during all these years.

Robert is the perfect player for tearjerkers. When you hear him playing you get teary-eyed. He has the special melting in the clay and plays with a lot of feeling. Unlike Thomas, he barely moves on stage and lets his facial expressions speak.


I play the Schagerl „Vienna“ model, which has quickly found a place in my heart! Not so much because of its great name, but more so because of its sound spectrum, which even at fortissimo always gives me the feeling that there is still „a little something left in the tank“. The trumpet is open in all registers and the intonation does full justice to the good reputation of the Schagerl name. This is a trumpet which leaves nothing to be desired.


  • Schagerl B-Trumpet “Hans Gansch”
  • Schagerl Flugelhorn “Killerqueen”
  • Austria