My name is Alejandro Pino,  I am trumpeter and composer, I was born in Cañete, south of Chile. I began my musical interpretation studies at the University of Chile where I adquiere classical technique, meanwhile I started my work in the world of jazz and improvisation. I have worked as a session player for artists such as Nano Stern, Tata Barahona and Marillion to name a few. I have played in music festivals and jazz clubs in Chile, Japan, China, Korea, Bolivia, USA and Brazil.

I am currently working as a trumpet player in the  Policia de Investigaciones de Chile  Symphonic Band and I participate in musical projects as a composer and improvising musician (Mapocho Ensemble, Pino-Baos Duo, Duet with Sebastián Pan, Cuecas Improbables) as well as a sideman (Antonio Monasterio Ensemble).

“With Schagerl instruments I can flow in the music freely and let the magic manifest .”

He plays:

  • RAWENI Bb-Cornet
  • Hans Gansch Bb-Cornet
  • Las Vegas Bb-Trumpet
  • Caracas C-Trumpet
  • PENELOPE Bb-Trumpet