Every musician dreams of playing on an instrument designed perfectly to suit their needs.

I envisioned a trombone that would produce a brilliant sound quality, had perfect intonation and was free blowing across all registers.

Together with the Schagerl company, I designed the Kissbone X , incorporating features which enable me to not only play powerfully, but soft and tenderly with smooth and easy legato.

The F attachment is designed in a figure 8 system and functions as a super highway for the air stream, being especially advantageous for low register playing. The Kissbone X offers a rich tonal palatte with the harmonics it produces and gives me the versatility that is essential for playing in a group such as Mnozil Brass.

I chose a combination of vintage lacquer and gold plating for my Kissbone X, making this already outstanding instrument as attractive to the eye as it is to the ear.

Thank you Schagerl, I couldn’t have asked for a better instrument!

Zoltan Kiss
Mnozil Brass


  • Bell: 220mm / Goldbrass
  • Bore: 14,2 mm
  • Slide: 13,9 mm



The Kissbone with the Fontana slide:
It’s a marvelous instrument. I have no doubt about it, since I play Schagerl instruments and plus the intense technical work, made my playing so much better.
he air goes through the instrument easy and relax. The more you play the rounder the sound get. My feeling with the instrument is that I’m playing with him together. He helps me to make the technical stuff more easy. Really a High-Class instrument.