The „Killer Queen“ model was developed together with the austrian musician Thomas Gansch (Mnozil Brass). Like the „Ganschhorn“, the Killer Queen is a kind of symbiosis of a rotary and a perinet-instrument.

Thomas Gansch about his instrument:

After my first concerts playing with the new Flugelhorn „Killerqueen“ I am amazed how easy it is to play and what a great sound it has, even in the lower register. It is the best Schagerl Flügelhorn I have ever had. Thanks a lot for another great instrument – I can’t wait to see what Flügelhorns Schagerl will offer next.


  • Tune: Bb
  • Bell: 150 mm / 0,5 mm Goldbrass
  • Valve Section: 10,6mm / vertical
  • Leadpipe: Nickelsilver