This new Bb-trumpet-model was developed with input of the legendary multi-musician James Morrison. Together with the traditional craftmanship of our technicans, James Morrison developed an instrument and a powerful, brillant tone with an improved tonal projection. With the „James Morrison“ model, powerful playing and piano ballads are possible as well.

Bryan Davis about the instrument:

“For me, this is like the Holy Grail of trumpets! Never before have I found an instrument with such richness to the tone, which will purr when I play softly and really scream when I lean on it, but is also really easy to play. Every trumpet I ve played up to now has been a compromise; either it sounds exactly the way I want it to OR it s small enough, with the right balance of resistance, so I can play Lead Trumpet on it all day and night.

This amazing instrument does both! The slotting and tone quality are even from the bottom to the very top of the register. It responds really well to different mouthpieces; I ve been able to blend effortlessly with all kinds of other players, in all kinds of music. The build quality is fantastic and it looks beautiful, too! I could go on and on about it, but the simple fact is that you have to try it for yourself! I couldn t be happier!!”


  • Tune: Bb
  • Bell: 123 mm (4,84″) / 0,50 mm / Goldbrass
  • Valve Section: ML
  • Leadpipe: Goldbrass



My Schagerl trumpet is simply the perfect tool to help me transition smoothly from the classical music world to commercial and popular music playing. Its warm sound and wide sound spectrum enables me to go from a morning rehearsal of Mozart with the Havana Lyceum Orchestra to a night filled with Mambo and Cuban music solos. It makes my world much easier and I will be forever grateful to Karl Schagerl for making this possible.

My Schagerl trumpet was organised as a surprise from my dear friend Sarah Willis. It was made possible by the Instruments for Cuba fund set up as part of her Mozart & Mambo project together with the generousity of Karl Schagerl. In Cuba it is a rare thing to receive a brand new instrument and seeing the name Schagerl and unboxing the trumpet, I was like a kid opening a treasure. Playing the trumpet for the first time was an unforgettable moment and it remains my most prized posession.