In 1961 Karl Schagerl Sr., founder of the Musikhaus Schagerl, obtained the trade license for construction of wind instruments. Starting in 1963, trumpets and flügelhorns were made in small series by Karl Sr.

At the beginning of the 1990s, with the support of Karl Sr., our first flügelhorns were produced with the model name, “Classic Line”. HANS GANSCH tested this model, and was immediately enthusiastic, and recommended them to his father (HANS GANSCH Sr.), who was looking for a good flügelhorn for his youngest son, THOMAS GANSCH.

In 2021, on the occasion of our 60th company anniversary and in honor of our company founder Karl Schagerl Sr., we are particularly pleased to have worked again with our most important advisor and longtime friend, Prof. HANS GANSCH, to develop and present a new flügelhorn. The basis for this new model was the masterpiece of one of our young, talented

instrument makers, JOHANNES OSZTOVICS. Small improvements were then made after practical tests with HANS GANSCH, and carried out with the cooperation of master ROBERT SCHAGERL.

The instrument makes an immediate impression with its excellent intonation, and a warm, round and lively sound. The Schagerl-Made precision valve block ensures light responsiveness and easy flexibility. A free blowing horn, the instrument nevertheless offers a balanced resistance, allowing the player to always be in control.

The new HANS GANSCH Schagerl flügelhorn is appropriate for all possible playing situations: brass band, folk music ensembles, symphonic brass band and orchestra. This instrument can be used without restriction. In particular, the easy playability in the high register makes this model a great choice for polka, waltz and band music.

Our instruments are made according to the latest knowledge in traditional craftsmanship, with the most modern tools, with the utmost accuracy and precision. Any instrument is subject to strict quality control before it leaves our master workshop. With this concept, the Schagerl company remains true to its motto “In Quality we trust!”


  • Tune: Bb
  • Bell: 155 / 0,45 Goldbrass
  • Valve Section:10,85
  • Leadpipe: Goldbrass