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Vitaly Golovnev über die Schagerl JAMES MORRISON


As I mentioned, sitting next to Bryan on different kinds of Big Band gigs really inspired me to try JM model. I tried his horn briefly a couple of times and decided to get same model as well.

About two years ago, in summer of 2017 I got in touch with Michael Schiller through my friend Andrey Lobanov (Russian trumpet player who lives in Germany and plays actually same JM horn) and soon got the horn by mail in NY.

What can I say? I felt that I take a little risk ordering horn that I didn’t have a chance to test. But as I received it, it didnt take me long to realize how much I like it. My model is James Morrison ML in raw brass. So well made with great quality that totally works for me. This instrument works in combination with deep mouthpiece as well. I use AR Resonance custom made MLB 40 – 6.

I play mostly Jazz but I consider it is perfect instrument for any kind of orchestral work, and solo as well. Great projection, Intonation and great valves action.

Vitaly Golovnev  (Russia, Trumpet player, Composer, Educator) Currently Vitaly performing and teaching private
around New York area

Schagerl Artists Schagerl Product

Ole Jørgen Melhus über die Schagerl KISSBONE X


My favourite thing about the Schagerl Kissbone is the flexibility of sound. It can adapt to such a great variety of style and expression; high or low, loud or soft, mellow or edgy, sparky or noble. The sound is dark and with brilliance at the same time.

I work with symphonic, jazz, pop and experimental contemporary music, and wanted to see if I could find a trombone flexible and versatile enough to do it all. For me, the Kissbone is it! I no longer feel the need to switch equiment for different styles or settings.

I hesitate to call it an “all-round” trombone though, because this might implicate that compromises have been made, sacrificing some special qualities here and there to make it work well enough all over. The fact is that the Kissbone acts as a specialised instrument in such a wide scope of sound colours, styles and settings.

The Kissbone has a great range, and responds really well all over. It has a rich, full bodied bass-register as well as a juicy and brilliant high register when needed. It can play super loud without sounding forced, and super soft with great comfort.

The Schagerl F-valve is the best I have tried, with its consise action and almost equal resistance to the open-horn. This makes legato and intervals between registers very smooth, and maintaining the same sound quality is easier.

The craftmanship of Schagerl is really impressive. The first moment I tried a Schagerl trombone I noticed the special quality; hand-crafted and with great care for every detail. It is a pleasure and an inspiration to work with such an instrument.

Ole Jørgen Melhus -Posaunist bei Nordic Brass Ensemble und Trondheim Symfonieorchester


Schagerl Product

Vintage-Finish for KissboneX


Zoltan Kiss über seine KissboneX:

Das neu entwickelte X-Ventil sorgt für gleichmäßigen Luftdurchfluss und idealen Blaswiderstand. Der Goldmessing Schallbecher ermöglicht dunklen, tragfähigen Klang, der auch in der Höhe nicht eng wird.

Ich habe eine Ausführung in Vintage und Gold für meine Kissbone X gewählt. Somit hat dieses Instrument nicht nur einen außergewöhnlichen Klang, sondern ein ebensolches Aussehen.
Danke Schagerl, ich hätte mir kein besseres Instrument wünschen können!