Schagerl is well-known for giving the best and most innovative musical instruments to the Brass Players of the world. But from now on, there is a new, revolutionary mouthpiece available: the „Apredato” Mouthpiece by Schagerl. It was developed with input from Prof. Hans Gansch (former Principal Trumpet of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra) and Thorsten Benkenstein (Lead Trumpet, North German Broadcast Big Band Hamburg/Germany).
The starting point to design this mouthpiece was the wish of most trumpet players to have a fuller, darker sound and a deep, resonant sound quality without quitting their usual rim and cup.
The design of the „Apredato”-Mouthpiece seems to be like a heavy-mouthpieces like other manufacturers make them. But these mouthpiece are often difficult to play with more resistance than normal mouthpieces. Not the „Apredato”: it is light-weight and not difficult to play.
How could Schagerl make this real? The solution for this was found after an intensive developing process: the „Apredato” is now a normal mouthpiece which mass is reduced to a minimum. Then an attachment is fitted and filled up with water. The attachment is waterproof-coated to prevent corrosion and sealed with rubber to prevent run out of the water.
In comparision to a normal mouthpiece, the sound of the „Apredato” Mouthpiece is darker, very rich and a huge volume of tone. It´s also preferred by trumpeters in a Big Band who like its „fat” sound.
The Schagerl „Apredato” Mouthpiece is available in every size, for each rim and diameter in silver or gold plated.