How did you get to know the Schagerl company?
In August 2016 I traveled to Berlin to take private lessons with Gábor Tarkövi, who is a world trumpet legend and someone I have always admired. One day, in the middle of the lesson, he lent me his instrument, and I was absolutely fascinated. Then, in 2019, I went to the factory and had the opportunity to spend an amazing day testing all the models of the brand, with their different characteristics. It is very evident that, in the Schagerl Company (Schagerl Family), each instrument is made with passion, dedication and a constant search for excellence.

Which Schagerl instruments do you play?
Trumpet in C “Berlin Heavy Z
– It has a remarcable richness of harmonics, a spontaneous and precise response throughout the whole register, and an unprecedented projection for a classic trumpet. The tuning of this instrument is superlative, and it has a great dynamic range.
Trumpet in B b „Berlin Heavy“ – It is the perfect tool for daily study. Especially effective in different symphonic and chamber ensembles (mainly brass ensembles), it has a rich and enveloping sound. This instrument is consistent for the different needs
of the professional trumpet player.
Bb Piston Trumpet „Las Vegas“
– Extremely versatile instrument. It feels super easy when playing – especially in the high register- because the air flow runs without any interruption. However, its timbre is dark and warm, which makes it ideal for the symphonic orchestra, as it blends very well with strings and woods. In all models, the machine is simply perfect.

Who influenced your career?
From an early age, my dad made me listen to Maurice André records and Philip Smith (NY Phil) cassette recordings. They really awakened a love for the trumpet in me. I met Wynton Marsalis some time later and he was also very inspiring. Lastly, Gábor Tärkovi and his incredible and prolific history as lead trumpet in the Berlin Philharmonic marked my career forever.

A short description of his career.
Jonathan Bisulca began his trumpet studies at the age of 8. In 2005 he joined the Academic Orchestra of the Colón Theater, a
symphonic ensemble with which he performed in some of the most prominent concert halls in Buenos Aires. In 2008 he was appointed as First Trumpet Soloist of the Symphonic Band of the Argentine Army.
In 2011 he traveled to Germany, where he took advanced lessons with Prof. Martin Wagemann, Principal Soloist of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Upon his return, he was invited to play in the most outstanding symphonic orchestras in Argentina (National Symphony Orchestra, Colón Theater Philharmonic Orchestra, La Plata Theater Orchestra, etc). He also performed as a soloist in different auditoriums, pieces such as the J. Haydn Concerto, Neruda’s Concerto, Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Trumpets, the
Venice Carnival, among others.
In the following years he took masterclasses with Professor Wynton Marsalis, and Reinhold Friedrich (International Concertists), and Gábor Tärkovi (Principal Soloist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra). In 2016 he won the position as Principal Trumpet Soloist at the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra.
Since 2019 he is a Schagerl artist.