The AURORA line was developed with Otmar Gaiswinkler and Wolfgang Pfistermüller, both playing trombone at the Vienna Symphonical Orchestra.
Otmar Gaiswinkler supported us with his experience to develope this outstanding trombone.

Otmar Gaiswinkler
Vienna Trombone Quartett

„The new Aurora“. Because of the new valve and modification the trombone is just perfect to play.
Amazing! Exactly what I was looking for! I do not know any other instrument, which I could compare to the new Aurora.”

Maria Peer:
Aurora: A trombone with a beautiful, overtone rich sound, and light response. At forte it also remains compact and centered, with even tuning throughout all registers and positions. The valve section is responsive and open. The Aurora lies well in the hand, is well-balanced  and can be used in any musical situation. This wonderful instrument makes me very happy!”


  • Tune: B/F
  • Bore: Valve: 14,1mm
  • Bell: 220mm Yellowbrass
  • Slide: 13,9mm Tuning on Slide