Schagerl Product



James Morrison – about the instrument:

The New Schagerl “Raven”- The Best Of Both Worlds

This is my new trumpet from Schagerl – although it looks a bit like a cornet, it is definitely a trumpet.
The design comes from my wish to have a rotary valve instrument due to the different articulation you get compared to piston valves. I find the rotary sounds more precise and there is a smaller “dead spot” between when you push the valve and when the next note comes out clearly. This is particularly noticeable when playing quickly in the upper register (something I like to do).

Schagerl Product

Maria Peer about Schagerl Aurora


“Aurora: A trombone with a beautiful, overtone rich sound, and light response. At forte it also remains compact and centered, with even tuning throughout all registers and positions. The valve section is responsive and open. The Aurora lies well in the hand, is well-balanced  and can be used in any musical situation. This wonderful instrument makes me very happy!”


  • Tune: B/F
  • Bore: Valve: 14,1mm
  • Bell: 220mm Yellowbrass
  • Slide: 13,9mm

Vintage Finish for KissboneX


Zoltan Kiss about KissboneX:

Together with the Schagerl company, I designed the Kissbone X , incorporating features which enable me to not only play powerfully, but soft and tenderly with smooth and easy legato.

I chose a combination of vintage lacquer and gold plating for my Kissbone X, making this already outstanding instrument as attractive to the eye as it is to the ear.

Thank you Schagerl, I couldn’t have asked for a better instrument!


Simon Zöchbauer plays Spyder


Since I am a Musician I play both classical music as well as I improvise. For a long time I have searched for a great instrument that fits in both worlds. When I tried the Spyder, I was thrilled from the beginning.

I had to take a little time to get used to the distance from the fingers to the valves, but as soon as that familiarization was complete, I have never wanted to play another instrument!

It was important to me to find a trumpet with which I can play as many things as possible: with my Ensemble Federspiel, as well as in my solo project with String quartet and trumpet.

The Spyder fulfills this flexibility: with this instrument I can fill big concert halls like the KKL Luzern, but also, it fits beautifully into the acoustical environment of a string quartet in a church.

The intonation is very good (which is to be expected in a Schagerl anyway) and the entire register of the horn is very balanced, from top to bottom. The Spyder is great, flexible instrument

perfect for solo use.