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NEW CD by Tarcisio Barreto D’Addona


“Finally, I can now present my “Grande Astor”

First of all I want to thank those who accompanied me in this ambitious project
-Tarcisio Barreto Ceballos (Violin)
-Miguel Barreto (Guitar)
-Luis Gomez Imbert (Double Bass)
-Dino Dinelli (Piano)

It is in times of pandemic that I set out to face this great challenge, to honor the great Astor Piazzola with my @schagerlmusicgmbh trumpet, and for this I had these great musicians who supported me, giving a beautiful result.

Starting today, you can find it on all digital platforms and also in CD… I hope you enjoy it!”  Tarcisio Barreto D’Addona

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Prof. Jack Burt about the new Schagerl Model “1961”


I have played Schagerl trumpets since 2010, but only rotary trumpets, never pistons. I, of course was aware of their earlier piston models, which are all fine instruments, but I was never tempted to switch away from my Bach or Blackburn C and B flats.

In 2021 after a COVID-induced year and a half absence, I was able to visit the Schagerl factory in Mank, Austria, in August and October. During that visit, I was able to see many friends, socialize, and also interview many artists for the Schagerl social media sites.

During that visit, Karl asked me to playtest a new model they were working on – a piston series, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of their company – intended for the American market. I was a bit hesitant, and for good reason. It is a tough sell, I thought, for an Austrian trumpet maker, known for fine rotary instruments, to make a piston model for the American market. We are an opinionated, demanding lot. Not to mention it is a crowded market, with many great instruments to choose from! Nevertheless, I gave them a try.

After having spent time with these horns, I have come away convinced that this new series, the ‘1961 Model” C and B flat trumpets, are some of the best piston trumpets I have ever played. Schagerl has well and truly hit it out of the park! These horns are “dead, solid perfect”, “straight down the middle”, American style trumpets. They found the sweet spot. Their sound is exactly what you would expect from a classic American orchestral trumpet: clear, rich, focused, brilliant and solid. Yet, and this is crucial… they offer more.

Not only do I get the sound I have always wanted on a piston C or B flat, but, I am producing it with less effort, more ease of flexibility and locked in intonation than ever before. My accuracy on both horns is better than ever. I never feel as if I am fighting the horn.

Some trumpets make you work too hard to achieve what you want, and are always a struggle. Others seem to do it for you, like “bowling with bumpers in the gutters” as one colleague described it. They play more easily, but the result is less than satisfying.  The ‘1961’ Series has neither of those faults. They are free blowing, responsive, and beautiful. It feels like a friend who wants to go wherever you want to go. They are a joy to play.

As always, with Schagerl, the workmanship is world-class. The Schagerl valves are smooth as silk, and the finishing is superb. Do yourselves a favor, find one, and give it a try!

Jack Burt, Professor of Trumpet – University of Maine – Orono, ME USA

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Scott Moore Statement about Schagerl Berlin Heavy C Trumpet


About Schagerl Berlin Heavy C Trumpet

My Schagerl Berlin-heavy C trumpet is everything I have always dreamed of in an instrument. The response is immediate, the intonation is impeccable, and the range of tonal colors is only limited by my imagination. It has such a rich, warm, and resonant sound, yet still allows me to play with brilliance and power.

My Berlin piccolo trumpet is absolutely amazing. I love the tone it allows me to produce, and I never have to worry about the intonation. The lower register sounds like a big trumpet, and the upper register is effortless.

I am convinced that Schagerl is making the best instruments in the world today. And as an added bonus, they are beautiful to look at!

Scott Moore is Principal Trumpet in the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and the leader of the MSO Big Band. He has also performed with the Chicago Symphony, the St. Louis Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the National Symphony, and as guest principal with the symphony orchestras of Atlanta, Toronto, and Jacksonville. He has recorded and performed with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra, and with I Fiamminghi, the Orchestra of Flanders. Mr. Moore is also the Assistant Principal Trumpet in the Arizona MusicFest Orchestra.

As a soloist, Mr. Moore has appeared with the San Antonio Symphony, the Nashville Chamber Orchestra, the Tennessee Summer Symphony, the Chattanooga Symphony, and on numerous occasions with the Memphis Symphony. He has also been a featured Guest Artist at the International Trumpet Guild Conference.

Scott Moore has a Master of Music degree from the New England Conservatory of Music, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from McNeese State University. His teachers have included Charles Schlueter, Arnold Jacobs, and Michael Ewald.

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Andon Markov Statement about Schagerl Berlin Heavy C Trumpet


About Schagerl Berlin Heavy C Trumpet

From the first moment I saw the Schagerl Berlin Heavy C trumpet I was attracted by the exceptional look the trumpet have.
With the first note I played on the Schagerl I was instantly amazed from the unreal great response of the trumpet. Magnificent,
crisp round sound in all ranges. For a trumpet player with more than 30 trumpets in my collection I can say for sure, this is the
greatest trumpet I have ever played. For me as a principal trumpet player the most important ability one instrument should
have is to be able to do the job on a high level in any circumstances. With Schagerl Berlin Heavy C trumpet I always feel
confident in my playing and performance. Definitely this trumpet have the quality I can trust always without any doubts! Thank
you so much Schagerl Music GmbH for the amazing instrument and for the opportunity to develop my skills farther every day


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Leonhard Paul presents DOOBIDOO for two


New in our Shop

The “Doobidoo for Two” duets are the result of a collaboration between the composer Otto M. Schwarz and the trombonist and composer Leonhard Paul. Leonhard Paul is known the world over as one of the creative minds behind the ensemble Mnozil Brass. He studied music pedagogy and jazz and is now a lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW). This book contains duets in various styles, often equipped with ironic instructions. The duets are available for two trumpets, two horns, two trombones, two euphoniums in bass clef & treble clef, two tubas, along with versions for euphonium & tuba as well as trumpet & trombone.


Karl Schagerl Senior


Karl Schagerl, Senior
(13.06.1929 – 13.05.2021)

Our Founder, Karl Schagerl, Senior, a visionary mind and inspiration,  left the Schagerl Family today.

You passed on your love for music and people to us, we will always be grateful for that.

We will miss you infinitely,  but know that you will forever be in our hearts.

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