„1961: The Founding of the Schagerl Company“

In postwar Austria, eespecially in the area south of the Danube in the state of Lower Austria, there were as yet few music stores and hardly any new instruments available. Karl Schagerl Senior hoped that, through the founding of his music store, musicians in local wind bands and other music groups would finally have access to new instruments, sheet music and professional repairs.

1961 is the date of the official founding of Schagerl music house, but to put it more accurately, on 25 July he received the first Business License allowing him to open a commercial property to sell musical instruments. Then in the following Fall he received licensing to begin the building of musical instruments. This was in effect, the Foundation Stone, which led the Schagerl Company to become known throughout the world today as a leading producer of fine handmade musical instruments.

The first trumpets and flugelhorns appeared in 1963, in small numbers, built through the friendship and assistance of Hermann Ganter of Munich. Additionally, Czech instruments from the Böhmer company were imported through Vienna, as well as instruments from the Hammerschmidt company from Wattens, near Innsbruck.

The work in the first years was done by Karl Senior, and his wife Josefa, without whom none of this would have been possible. All work was done in their own home, since a proper factory or workshop did not yet exist! Also, throughout this time Karl Senior was still active as „Meister“ in the dairy production at the Mank Dairy, and had to work both occupations simultaneously.