Schagerl Sax Day 2024

22. February 2024

Danubia Sax Quartett Wien – Workshop

Saturday, 28.09.2024 from 09:00 to 17:00 – Music School Mank / Alpenvorland

A workshop for all saxophonists who enjoy playing the saxophone!
For intermediate to advanced players with experience in reading sheet music.
The content of the seminar is playing together in the saxophone orchestra in various styles – from Baroque to Jazz, and there will also be practice in sections/small groups.
In the evening, there will be the traditional concert for the workshop participants, to which friends, acquaintances, and family members are also warmly invited.

Concert at Kino Mank / Achtmillimeter
6:30 pm Final concert of the workshop participants
7:30 pm Concert with Danubia Sax Quartet Vienna

Registration at – Workshop

Concert at Kino Mank / Achtmillimeter

6:30 pm Final concert of the workshop participants
7:30 pm Concert with Danubia Sax Quartet Vienna



Our Saxday was a complete success!

28. March 2023

Schagerl Saxday: Sold-out Workshop and Spectacular Concert with Danubia Saxophone Quartet

We are happy about the successful Schagerl Saxday this past Saturday!
The workshop with the Danubia Saxophone Quartet was completely booked, and participants received valuable tips and tricks from the professionals.
In the evening, there was a closing concert where participants could showcase their skills, and afterward, the Danubia Saxophone Quartet enchanted the audience with their music.

We would like to thank all participants, the Danubia Saxophone Quartet, and, of course, our fantastic team that made this day possible.

We look forward to next year and hope you will join us again!

Kopie von Ausstellung - (400 × 566 px)

D Addario VENN Saxophon Reeds Syntethic

19. May 2022

D Addario VENN: an advanced synthetic reed constructed of polymer fibers, resin, and natural cane elements. Designed to give players the benefits of synthetic reeds without compromising on the sound and playability of cane reeds.

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Boston Sax Shop Custom Saxophonblätter

21. April 2021

Also in our Onlineshop!

Designing the Boston Sax Shop reed line has been a dream of mine, stemmed from the frustration that many of us as players have searching for that ‘perfect’ reed. For years I personally struggled to find a well balanced reed that would promote a warm, homogenous tone while still allowing me to project. Most ‘jazz’ cut reeds seemed to play too ‘bright’ and ‘buzzy’ but offered the projection I needed while ‘classical’ reeds had the depth and evenness I was searching for but simply could not cut across a band. So with the help of the finest French cane manufacturer in the world, I designed a ‘hybrid’ jazz reed that had qualities of both cuts, creating a reed that did exactly what I asked; providing a warm and dark tone while still being able to be pushed.

I certainly hope you give them a try and enjoy them as much as I do!
Jack Finucane (Owner and Repair Technician)

• MADE IN FRANCE by Rigotti

Artist Concert

Concert with Schagerl Artist Familie Fuss

9. September 2019

Affäre Dreyfuss Concert in Acht Millimeter / Mank – Saturday 23. November 8. p.m.
It doesn´t matter if past or present – Family Music were always in place in every genre.
You can think of the Strauß Family, the Marsalis Family (Wynton, Branford & Elis) and even in Pop Business like the Cyrus Family (Miley and Billy Ray)
But 3 members on one stage is still something special!

Schagerl Saxophone Artist Martin Fuss together with his Sons Dominik and Florian, which have also a great list of musicians they played with like Joe Zawinul, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Parov Stelar, Norbert Schneider, a.s.o.
2015 was the birth of “Affäre Dreyfuss”

Dominik Fuss – Trumpet
Florian Fuss – Reeds
Martin Fuss – Reeds
Max Tschida – Piano
Johannes Strasser – Bass
Mario Gonzi – Drums

Please reservation!
+43 2755 2960