How did you get to know the Schagerl company?

Playing at the Salzburg Festival in 2013, I was traveling around Austria shopping for a new instrument to take back to my job in the Mexico City Philharmonic. Schagerl was not only the highest quality, but very accommodating and personal with their service.

Which schagerl instruments do you play?

Roman Empire and Spyder trumpets, Wien flugelhorn. I used to have a Penelope model, which fell off my motorcycle on a winter’s night on the Austrian Autobahn 5 years ago – a tragic misfortune. Hopefully someone found it and is making some nice music.

Who influenced you in your career?

My teachers and colleagues in New York City, who taught me to show up on time, play everything as well as possible, and be friendly to everyone.

How long have  you  been living in Austria? What brought you here and why did you stay?

6 years! After working 3 summers in Salzburg, and meeting such amazing musicians, I decided that Vienna is a perfect city, where I can have a comfortable lifestyle and nice freelance career. So far, things are going according to plan!

Since so many concerts have been cancelled the past year, I’m lucky to now be working as lead trumpet in the Synchron Stage Orchestra, where we’ve been recording music for Hollywood film and TV productions.

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