How did you get to know the Schagerl Company?
During my participation in the Venezuelan Brass ensemble, maestro Thomas Clamor spoke to us about musical technical aspects, referring to a color and sound tone that we should look for when interpreting certain music. That connection between the orchestral system and the brand made us receive some donations of instruments with rotor systems that later we were able to differentiate the timbral qualities and achieve what the maestro Clamor wanted. This was approximately in 2006 but I am wrong.

Which Schagerl Instruments do you play?
I have had the great opportunity to play with many models, from piston trumpets to piccolo, but I am currently using the Roman Impire model which is a complete trumpet for study and use in small ensembles.
Also the piccolo Berlin, which is one of the instruments with the highest timbre quality that is unique so far. Also, the different possibilities that can be adapted to musical needs.

Who influenced you in your career?
Many people have and are part of my influence, but without a doubt the teacher Jose Antonio Abreu, as well as Claudio Abbado and for me the teacher Winton Marsalis. These three are an example of life and sacrifice for music and the good of youth.
There are others but they do not come mainly to the artistic subject, as for example Jesus Christ.

About your Career.
My training was always in Venezuela, where I had the opportunity to receive and be monitored by the greatest instrumentalists in the world.
After studying in distant houses of study in Caracas-Venezuela, I became part of the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble and the Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela, the latter was one of the greatest experiences as a professional since it allowed me to meet many musician friends, which motivated me to continue growing and also to create different groups in may country through my music.
I am currently as a trumpet professor at the University of Talca-Chile.