The „Berlin“ is an instrument, which I do not want to miss. It is a real eyecatcher. The intonation is well balanced.
The handling from the piccolo is very well. Also the trigger works and helps perfect for the intonation in different situations.
On the plus side the Berlin Piccolo has a clear and direct intonation and the handling is just perfect.
The Berlin Piccolo is an instrument for the professional Orchestra or Solo Players.


  • Tune: Bb/A
  • Bell: 100mm Goldbrass / 0,40 mm
  • Bore: 10,50 mm
  • Leadpipe: Nickelsilver



My Berlin piccolo trumpet is absolutely amazing. I love the tone it allows me to produce, and I never have to worry about the intonation. The lower register sounds like a big trumpet, and the upper register is effortless.

I am convinced that Schagerl is making the best instruments in the world today. And as an added bonus, they are beautiful to look at!

The piccolo trumpet has been an important part of my playing and teaching for over 40 years. I have owned a number of horns over this time, and have played instruments from almost every maker in the world.

The Schagerl ‘Berlin’ Piccolo trumpet is my favorite of all. Like all Schagerl trumpets, it has an easy playability in all registers, and great, even intonation; in A or B flat. The workmanship, as one has grown to expect from Schagerl, is superb. Schagerl valves: smooth as silk.

For me, what sets the ‘Berlin’ apart is the quality of its tone. Sadly, many piccolo trumpets can sound like ‘toy trumpets’. Not the ‘Berlin’! Its tone quality is sweet, warm, and never hard, never brittle, never strident. It glows like warm gold! With it, I can match the sound of an oboe or flute as easily as I can produce the clarion sounds required of the Bach Mass in B minor. I can’t ask for more.