Momentan ist die „Raven“ eines der beliebtesten Instrumente!

Über die Raven:
Der Klang der Raven ist extrem warm, fast wie ein Flügelhorn. Die Breite des Tonumfanges ist sehr attraktiv, besonders für Jazz. Aber auch in einer Big Band das ideale Instrument!

James Morrison über die Raven:
„The New Schagerl “Raven”- The Best Of Both Worlds
This is my new trumpet from Schagerl – although it looks a bit like a cornet, it is definitely a trumpet.
The design comes from my wish to have a rotary valve instrument due to the different articulation you get compared to piston valves. I find the rotary sounds more precise and there is a smaller “dead spot” between when you push the valve and when the next note comes out clearly. This is particularly noticeable when playing quickly in the upper register (something I like to do)….“
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