How did you hear about Schagerl?
15 years ago I heard about Schagerl from Walter Hilgers, former tuba player with German Brass and Wien Philharmonic, he was conducting our philharmonic at that time. He asked me why we don’t use rotary trumpets, because at that time in our country we used only piston trumpets. In 2008 Schagerl had an expo in our country,but unfortunately I was away with our philharmonic on a tour in Holland, but while I was on tour, Dan Simule, the representative for Schagerl in Romania, loaded his car with trumpets and came to us in Holland so I could try them. We even played in the Concertgebow hall with those trumpets and I fell in love with them and we ordered 4 trumpets for our orchestra which came very fast and we still use them, they still look like new even after all those years, and after a few years we ordered another 6 trumpets to add to the arsenal. Some of my colleagues from Romania tried the trumpets and ordered some for them ass well.

What instruments do you use?
Schagerl Bb Berlin gold plated
Schagerl C Berlin heavy gold plated
Schagerl piccolo Berlin gold plated

Who influenced your career?
As a child I was influenced by my brother who played in the church brass band, a band that had very good plates even players from the local philharmonic. I was takes to the music school where I had a very good teacher, Werosta Werner, and in my highschool years I’ve had as a teacher the principal trumpet player(at that time) Lazar Moldovanu, who had a very important role in my development as a trumpet player and even helped me play alongside him and encouraged me to participate in many contest around the country. In my collage years I’ve learned with Sergiu Cârstea, principal trumpet with the National Opera in Timișoara and soloist, and for the bachelor’s degree, which I did in Cluj, I’ve learned with Pozdarescu Gabriel. After I finished my studies I participated in a international contest in Timișoara where I received first prize and also a chamber music contest where, alongside our brass quintet, we also received first prize. I can also say that a great influence on me were trumpet players like: Wynton Marsalis, who I listened to as a young child and seen many videos of him, Maurice Andre, Mathias Hoffs, Gabor Tarkovi, Hans and Thomas Gansch, Reinold Friedrich, Phil Smith,Sergei Nakariakov,Alison Balson,Arturo Sandoval,James Morrison etc, and also my participation in different masterclasses and courses with trumpet players and conductors from around the world.

About my career
I began playing trumpet at 10 years old, I finished highschool in Timișoara, collage also in Timișoara and bachelor’s in Cluj Napoca.
I am employed with Timișoara State Philharmonic since 1997 and from 2005 I am principal trumpet. I collaborated with many orchestras from Romania and other countries and had concerts and tours in over 30 countries and 5 continents.
I played as soloist with George Enescu Philharmonic from Bucharest, National Youth orchestra of Romania, Banatul Philharmonic,etc, interpreting works like: J.Haydn, J.N.Hummel, A.Arutunian, G.F.Telemann, G.Torelli, A.Vivaldi, G.F.Handel,D.Sostakovich,Siegfried Matthus, etc.
Since 2017 I am asociate professor with West University in Timișoara.
I am honored to take this interview and I wish to be an encouragement for the younger generation and also for all my trumpet playing friends from around the world. I totally recommend Schagerl trumpets, as they are the best for me.

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