About the Bass-Trombone “Aurora”
As we began to develop the Aurora bass trombone, we started with only a bell, designed by Robert Schagerl, which we pieced together, trying out different parts. We soon had a unique bass trombone, which had the warm, rich sound I desired, yet was easy to play! Nowhere is a legato so round and sweet as with the Aurora. Since then, we have taken the development even further: It now has its own slide, leadpipe, valves, and so many other little changes that fit together so well. The 2018 Aurora is an exceptionally well-balanced bass trombone. It sounds great in all registers, and enriches any playing style. For me, there is no bass trombone I would rather play than the Aurora.

The Vienna Trombone quartet was founded in 1992 by various Austrian Musicians from top Orchestras. They had the idea to familiarise the audience with the trombone as a chamber instrument.

Following this idea quite successfully, the quartet now presents itself exclusively to members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra after a reshuffle in 2005.

The common musical way of thinking and the resulting unity accompany the musicians in the orchestra as well as in the chamber music, originate from the same emphasis on tradition and modernity and were shaped by a mostly consistent educational path.

Exactly this way gives the Viennese trombone quartet a rare homogeneity in their way of playing and their style, making it to something unique.


  • Schagerl B/F/Gb Bass Trombone “Aurora”
  • Austria