Mnozil Brass – from then until now

The Gasthaus Mnozil is in the 1st district of Vienna. Directly opposite the Music Academy. Luckily, in 1992, seven young brass players got together for regular musicians’ get-togethers at Josef Mnozil’s. Classical folk music soon became applied brass music, basically played without notes, suitable for all situations: typical brass band music, hits, jazz and pop music, opera and operetta. Without fear, blame and reservations, but with a lot of Viennese humor and great sophistication.

Mnozil Brass now play about 100 concerts a year worldwide: across Europe as well as in Israel, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, America and Australia. They fill houses like the Burgtheater in Vienna, the KKL in Lucerne, the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, the Centennial Hall in Bochum, the opera houses in Munich, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Leipzig, the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and the Berliner Ensemble. Of course, they also fill the Mnozil inn, but in a different way.

The Musicians:
Thomas Gansch
Robert Rother
Roman Rindberger
Leonhard Paul
Gerhard Füßl
Zoltan Kiss
Wilfried Brandstötter

More Information: http://www.mnozilbrass.at
Bookingcontact: Holger Vogt +49-89/555 054 7700 –


  • Thomas Gansch –
    Schagerl Bb-Trumpet Ganschhorn and Schagerl Fluegelhorn “Killerqueen”
  • Roman Rindberger –
    Schagerl Bb-Trumpet “Empire” and Schagerl Fluegelhorn “Dione”
  • Robert Rother –
    Schagerl Bb-Trumpet “Wien” and Schagerl Fluegelhorn “Killerqueen”
  • Leonhard Paul –
    Schagerl Bb-Basstrumpet “Wunderhorn” and Schagerl Bb/F Trombone “FONTANA”
  • Gerhard Füssl –
    Schagerl Bb/F Trombone “OPUS F”
  • Zoltan Kiss –
    Schagerl Bb/F Trombone “KISSBONE X”


  • Austria