How did you get to know the Schagerl company?
I got to know about Schagerl through some of my colleagues that have tried them out and spoke highly of them.Of course when it comes to musical instruments the best way to see how good they are is to try them out for yourself, and in 2015 I visited the Schagerl factory and got to try out all of the instruments that were on display and I have been blown away with the consistency that they offer.All of the instruments that I played sounded amazing. It was a first for me.

Which instruments do you play?
Currently I play a Schagerl D2 Bb trumpet which was bought back in 2008, also I play the new Schagerl Berlin C trumpet and the Berlin piccolo trumpet, which are both amazing instruments.

Who influenced you in your career?
The  biggest influence on my career was Sergey Nakariakov and Wynton Marsalis. When I was just a child I had a cassette tape with them and I listened to it all the time. I was amazed with the musicality and the flawless technique that they showed when playing the trumpet and I got drawn into the world of music.

I started playing in the church brass band at a young age and I always enjoyed playing the trumpet. Later on went to the conservatory in Timisoara, Romania and continued my studies at a higher level. My first job as a professional musician was in Novi Sad, Serbia, for the national opera house and principal trumpet, a job that I loved because of the beautiful opera music and also because of the wonderful coleagues that I had.After a few years at that job I moved back in Romania, Timisoara and started playing with the local philarmonic who I’ve been playing since then, and I still enjoying untill today.