About Schagerl Berlin Heavy C Trumpet

From the first moment I saw the Schagerl Berlin Heavy C trumpet I was attracted by the exceptional look the trumpet have.
With the first note I played on the Schagerl I was instantly amazed from the unreal great response of the trumpet. Magnificent,
crisp round sound in all ranges. For a trumpet player with more than 30 trumpets in my collection I can say for sure, this is the
greatest trumpet I have ever played. For me as a principal trumpet player the most important ability one instrument should
have is to be able to do the job on a high level in any circumstances. With Schagerl Berlin Heavy C trumpet I always feel
confident in my playing and performance. Definitely this trumpet have the quality I can trust always without any doubts! Thank
you so much Schagerl Music GmbH for the amazing instrument and for the opportunity to develop my skills farther every day